Choose what leads to inner peace, ease and joy

It is one of these years that it feels really good to have both the Eastern Orthodox and the Catholic Easter at the same time. In US it tends to be more stressful having to celebrate at different times, occasionally even a month apart, when your family and friends are coming from mixed religious backgrounds.

However, what I would like to focus on this week is the following:

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If you are celebrating any of the current Holidays, including Passover, you know that in this Holy week one of the prevalent themes is that of death and resurrection.

At the same time with so much death and turmoil as there is already around the world, it may feel surreal to rise above the external reality and focus on the internal one instead.

But the only way we may rise from darkness, is by reaching for the light. The only way we may embrace hurt and sorrow in our hearts, is by bringing in more joy and peace.  The only way to understand the insanity of what is going on in the world, is by letting go of the need to understand and instead become a beam of light ourselves.

One way to acquire this mindset is by practicing in how you choose what you say, think or do. It requires being present with what is, thus able to choose at each moment what leads to inner peace, ease and joy.  Mind you that “each moment” might be a challenge 🙂 but the concept remains that of practicing.

It is much easier to stay in the pool of drama and conflict than it is to take responsibility for ourselves, how we may play a part in this, and consciously make an effort to shift things around. Or if I use the example of the pool, it is much easier to let it be what it is than to drain the stale, murky water out and build a garden with a waterfall instead.

Take this week to reflect on the thought and emotional patterns that create staleness within you, that bring you into darkness and despair. Locate their triggers and start choosing every time the opportunity arises, for what brings more peace and joy instead.

Have a lovely week, and Happy Easter if you are celebrating.


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