Carpe Diem-Seize the playground

I was watching a lovely Spanish movie on Netflix, Our Lovers, which had excellent dialogue about intimate relationships. It touched on concepts we tend to forget once we have been for a while in a marriage, or committed relationship, when we may fall into roles and identities we didn’t begin with.

One of the concepts I would like to elaborate on is that of playfulness.

In the movie, the female protagonist comments how while looking at kids playing in a playground, she would see a kid going up to another and start playing, without any hesitation or even a need to exchange names. And how we as we grow older, we start imposing all these rules of how things should be done, all the pre-qualifications, which pretty much take out any enjoyment of the freedom and naiveté of playfulness, as we experienced it when we were little ones.Carpe Diem-Seize The Playground. #Creativity #Inspiration #ConsciousLiving #LiveBrightlyThePath

I remember once, many many years ago, a friend took me to a “playground for adults.” It had similar settings like the ones for kids do, but in adult size. I had never been there before and I swear I had so much fun, apparently because I still remember it, where for a couple of hours I was running around like a five-year old, from the one activity to the other, yelling and laughing incessantly.  I was transformed.

I believe our intrinsic nature is that of joy and playfulness; that of letting go in the present moment and being aware of what is, without the burden of the past or the future. It is quite liberating, and this spontaneous freeing sensation is what helps us align with our focus or direction every day, in a way that is more meaningful and fulfilling.

For this week I will challenge you to add some playfulness in your daily activities, in whatever way that will work for you. From coloring books to using crayons for body-size outlines, and from playing out in nature to building sand castles on the beach.

I warn you that playfulness and laughing can be addicting, while at the same time boosting your entire nervous system and energy reserves 🙂

Have fun!

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