New Moon in Taurus: Choosing What Is True, Just And Beautiful

I love New Moons perhaps because I always seek the new, the hope that things will change and newness will prevail at all levels. I think of it also as a regenerating quality whence light will come in and wash away the debris, allowing the fertile soil to impregnate with new life, and new opportunities.

As we breathe-in and out this New Moon in Taurus, there are a couple of themes I would like to touch upon.

Venus is completing its retrograde passage from Aries to Pisces and back to Aries which started at the end of January, including also the influence of Saturn and Chiron. By this time next month, Venus will be well on her way to a new journey.

If you keep a journal you may be able to trace what have been the themes of this cycle, and what has been refined, has concluded or achieved a deeper understanding by now. As with any psycho-spiritual work, there are different levels of understanding and as we work with each theme, or each insight we get, next time we come around the same topic we will have a different response.

Choosing What Is True, Just And Beautiful. #Astrology #Inspiration #ConsciousLiving #LiveBrightlyThePath #MotivationalquotesIn this specific time interval Chiron and Saturn have also been involved, and with Chiron, my experience so far is that it creates intentional room for a choice to be made.

That is, by getting an insight, an a-ha to a psychological/mental issue you may have been working with, it poses the question of how will you use this, if you will, and are you ready to shift the behavior that goes with it?

At the same time, Saturn works along the same lines but brings the focus to the inner truth you hold in your heart. That is, it asks if you are ready to fully trust in your alignment, to the inner guidance you receive, to the still voice within.

Saturn always works hard with us through tests and trials of discipline, yes, but discipline to one’s own authenticity. It is about turning the outer focus for approval to an inner trust of what is.

Putting it all together, Venus brings a soft, intelligent harmony in how we transform this inner world in such a way that we honor what we value, that we stay true to ourselves, and that we commit in bringing more love and respect in all that we think, say and do. By doing so we extend this influence to everyone around us and the community we live in.

During this New Moon in Taurus, an earthly sign noted for its love for beauty, music, arts and nature, we are prompted to align our inner universe with the outer so that greater harmony may prevail.

Have a great one!

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