Climate March in Washington, DC-April 29 2017

Climate March-Washington, DC-April292017 #Inspiration #climatemarchOn Saturday afternoon I attended the Climate march in Washington, DC.

There were over 200,000 people marching under a blistering heat of 90 degrees F, a record temperature for this time of the year. Which of course is so ironic and so fitting for such a day when there are objections as to whether climate change is real, and while in some cities like Denver,  it was snowing.

Climate March-Washington, DC-April292017 #Inspiration #climatemarch
Climate March-Washington, DC-April 29 2017

It was beautiful to see the range of ages, of race, of background, and to realize that standing up for the environment (and everything this umbrella term contains) is one area that connects us all.

One of my favorite signs read “There is no Planet B” and some others I liked are included here.

I am grateful to be living in DC at this time, for it has enabled me to attend both the Women’s March last January and this one now, adding some transformational energy to the center of the cyclone. 🙂

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