Wesak Festival, Full Moon, And Compassionate Leadership

Today we celebrate the Wesak Festival also known as the Festival of Lights, the Festival of Buddha, and the Blessing of the Waters. It is a celebration that has been carrying on since ancient times and takes place in the Wesak valley of the Himalayas.

At the exact time of the Full Moon, it is said that Lord Buddha appears on the mountaintop towards the East and blesses humanity.  Bowls of water are placed everywhere to receive the blessing, and people sit in meditation so that they may receive messages for the betterment of humanity (I have included related YouTube videos at the end of this blog.)

Today’s Full Moon on the Taurus-Scorpio axis provides a condensed source of energy to tap into, that will feel differently for each one of us.

A couple of additional notes are that it is a time when the themes we have been working with since April 26th and the New Moon in Taurus: Choosing What Is True, Just And Beautiful, come to a deeper understanding, completion or re-purposing.

Mercury is for the 3rd and last time in direct aspect to both Uranus and Saturn, providing for an updated, revamped and fresh perspective in all we think, express and communicate. And if we have worked with Saturn’s theme from April’s New Moon,

At the same time, Saturn works along the same lines but brings the focus to the inner truth you hold in your heart. That is, it asks if you are ready to fully trust in your alignment, to the inner guidance you receive, to the still voice within.

now we are ready to add love and compassion to the mix, and take it to the next level of who we are, our creative expression and its impact in the greater community.

To this new theme we have the added energetic influence of the north and south nodes changing signs, moving to the Leo-Aquarius axis for the next 18-months.

I find the timing of this fascinating and an affirmation of the evolution humanity is called to move through at this point.

Part of our journey over the next year and a half is to become the leader we wish to be so that we may create the change we want to see in the world. It is about learning compassionate leadership, what it means for each one of us, and how this will comes forth in and through groups, and communities.

It is about honoring individuality and its contribution to the greater whole, and recognizing that we may attain societal transformation only when we apply love, respect, acknowledgement and inclusivity in everything we think, say, and do.

Today we step into this new energetic path blessed by Love and colored by trust, simplicity and curiosity for how our life will unfold as we become who we wish to be (and contribute) through our wordly service.

Today and over the next couple of days take the time to meditate, reflect, sit in silence and note your thoughts, insights, and dreams. Be gentle, loving and open to new possibilities.

Have a great one! ❤

P.S. Remember that being a compassionate leader starts from being compassionate to and with yourself first. Learning and embodying such qualities is what will make the difference in your own life, family and work.

You can learn more about the Wesak Festival in the YouTube videos below, enjoy.
Explore visionary astrology and use your strengths and self-knowledge to increase your fulfillment, success, and impact in your greater community and the world.

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