New Moon in Gemini, connection and self-expression

We are in the eve of the New Moon in Gemini, one of my favorite times of the year because of my birthday 🙂 There are a couple of keynotes for this fresh start that I would like to comment on.

One is that of connection. Living a frenzy life and not having enough time to do x, has become part of everyday narrative. Yet, if you go back in time and reflect on what you remember from your life, most of those memories are associated with people, whether friends or family. Friends’ weddings, parties, holidays, celebrations, etc. Most memorable moments include personal connection.

Wherever or whenever human interaction is missing, time passes by unnoticed, whereas when it is present, time stands still and we savor it, even if at the end we remark as to how fast time went.

The other beautiful theme is one instigated by the triangle among Uranus-Saturn-North Node, which will stay with us for most of June as well.

Tune In To What Feels Joyful And Exciting. #Inspiration #ConsciousLiving #PersonalDevelopment #Motivationalquotes #LiveBrightlyThePathAs I mentioned in a previous post, Wesak Festival, Full Moon, And Compassionate Leadership, the lunar nodes have recently changed signs and are on the Leo-Aquarius axis till November 2018. One of the lessons to practice during this time has to do with owning our voice, being anchored in our heart, and expressing authentically who we are, what we stand for, and what we believe in.

With Uranus and Saturn in the configuration we are also asked to be open to the unknown, in the sense of inner guidance and conceiving ideas and forms that may have nothing to do with what we’ve known so far, while establishing a new reality, a new foundation in our lives, anchored on our values, and what we know to be true in our hearts. The ultimate goal is so that we may be more happy, more peaceful and in harmony with our environment and community.

When we are in this inner alignment and outer harmony, we are better able to contribute our wisdom, experiences and talents, adding our signature to the transformational times we live in. We live our purpose.

Use these days to meditate, journal or take a silent stroll in nature. Reflect on what connection means to you, how you can connect more with individuals (and groups) that uplift and support you, whether you already know them or wish to know more of.

Pay attention to your dreams and any flashes of insight you get, and above all trust yourself. Let go of doubt and second-guessing. You already know what is true for you.


Explore visionary astrology and use your strengths and self-knowledge to increase your fulfillment, success, and impact in your greater community and the world.

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