Gemini Solar Festival, Full Moon, And Bridging The Polarities Within

We are in the eve of the Gemini Solar Festival, also known as the Festival of Goodwill and the Festival of Humanity.  This is the last of the Spring three linked Festivals, the blessings’ distribution to humanity after Wesak (Taurus Solar Festival) continues, and we are invited to tune in to the celestial celebration.

Every time we have an understanding, an a-ha moment, we bridge the duality within our minds and take a step towards wholeness. Part of our life’s journey is to bridge this duality which is created the moment we incarnate. It is not something we can escape, at least not at this point of humanity’s evolution.

With Gemini’s influence, the first sign depicted in human form (and twins) we become more aware of those tendencies within us where we stand for either-or, where we polarize on our thoughts and opinions, where we face light and darkness within our hearts. One of the premises of holistic healing is that of embracing this duality within. It is not bad, it is not evil, it is not something we created and we’ll be send to who knows where because of it. It is an inherent quality of being human.

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Our work though is to awaken to this duality which calls us forth to grow in consciousness, to become more present, to polish and honor our values, and to stand up for and strengthen right human relations. Our journey of self-discovery and growth lies in our perception, awareness and willingness to do the inner work.

So one of the tasks during this Full Moon is to reflect on the areas in your life where you feel conflicted, where there is no clarity or even if there is clarity, doubt sneaks in. To reflect on how you can bridge seemingly opposite factors, thoughts, and emotions.

It may be a matter of accepting the reality of what is; it may be a matter of making a decision and following through; or, it may involve forgiveness and letting go. All these processes resulting eventually in an inner sense of peace, of settling in, of alignment, of joy and felt love.

The axis of Gemini-Sagittarius moves our awareness from duality, the bridging of contradictions, to synthesis, one path, one vision.

The Sun’s light (Gemini) is shining on what we need to transform in our thinking, our perception, our awareness so that we may feel more peaceful, content and purposeful within. The Moon (in Sagittarius) is shining her light on our hopes, fears and doubts, transforming them so that we may change our thinking towards one that embraces unity, infinite possibilities, abundance and adventure. It is a beautiful thing!

Have a great one! ❤

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  1. Thanks so much for this article. It really helps me focus on my needs and priorities .Always a treat to read your articles.


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