August 2017: Inspiring new beginnings and the choice to lead or to be led

Happy August! There is a lot of conversation this month about the Solar Eclipse on August 21st which will be visible and traceable only over the United States.

It’s early in time to say how things will unfold however I would like to share a few initial thoughts:

  • The opportune time period started on July 23rd with the first New Moon in Leo and will complete with the second New Moon in Leo on August 21st.

These New Moons are on the first and last degree of Leo respectively, showing us what we learn through embracing certain qualities of Leo like generosity, courage, joy and open-heartedness, while becoming aware of tendencies towards self-centeredness, ignorance for others’ needs, and neglect of moral values and ethics.

  • This period also correlates with two eclipses, a Lunar Eclipse on August 7th and a Solar Eclipse on August 21st.

Eclipses by themselves signify a time of re-orientation and re-assessment in that they are crossroads where we stand looking forward eclipsing what has been so far, whether connected to our emotional world, our response-reaction mechanism, or our personality traits, imagining new possibilities and inspiring new beginnings.

  • The August 7th Lunar Eclipse on the Leo-Aquarius axis enforces and supports both our individuality and our contribution to the community. The awareness of self within the dynamics of the group, while also the influence of the group on the individual. Here the “group” represents also the community, society, humanity.

If you don’t know who you are, you will be lost in the group dynamics. You will follow others blindly, adhere to societal norms and stereotypes that influence mass consciousness and for the most part are a detriment to a conscious and empowered way of living.

But if you know what your gifts and talents are, you are better able to contribute and strengthen the group. A group is more powerful when it is composed of conscious individuals who pay attention and take responsibility for their lives versus a group comprised of individuals who live automatically, following what everyone else does without questioning their values, ethics or sharing their point of view.

We have examples of both scenarios everywhere around us nowadays and during this time, this period of six weeks, we may become even more aware of what this means and how it shows up.

We just need to pay attention, stay present and heart-centered, and make sure we take responsibility for ourselves and how we compassionately connect with others.There Is No Turning Back When You Know Who You Are #Inspiration #ConsciousLiving #PersonalDevelopment #Motivationalquotes #LiveBrightlyThePath #Astrology

  • The August 21st Solar Eclipse happens over US which by itself makes it an important event because of the energetic influence over its population.

For individuals who run on automatic patterns of behavior and unconscious response to life, this influence may be experienced via increased aggression, irritability, and who knows what else. You may want to consider how Full Moons influence our emotional nature and by extension, how lunar and solar eclipses have a similar but magnified effect in our psyche and overall consciousness.

For individuals who are committed to personal growth and making this world a better place, this period of time is a unique opportunity to recognize emotional patterns and personality traits that support and empower you, AND also stand in your way of becoming more, of reaching for your dreams and what you long for.

It is a time for reflection, journaling and paying attention to what comes up. It is an opportune time for conscious and empowered new beginnings!

Perhaps the essence of this month’s influence is to recognize that at any moment we have the choice to either lead by example-through what we think, say and do-or to be led by what the mainstream mindset dictates. In the first option, we are the ones to create our reality and the world we want to live in. In the second, we are screwed.

I don’t think there is time anymore to be wasted on letting life be what is versus us consciously contributing and shaping it in the most inspiring, uplifting and fulfilling way for everyone involved, both in the present and future times.

Considering all this, let us stay aware, present, and gather the feedback we need to make the choices we must. Enjoy!

Explore visionary astrology and use your strengths and self-knowledge to increase your fulfillment, success, and impact in your greater community and the world.


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