Virgo Solar Festival, Full Moon and the triangle of Courage, Compassion, Pragmatism

August was a memorable month on many fronts with the total solar eclipse visible only over the US being part of it, and at the time I commented on certain key points to bear in mind as we moved through the month.

The effect of the solar eclipse may not be something tangible we can tap into and say, Ah, on that day such and such showed up in my life (which is also very probable), but with astrological and astronomical events of this caliber, the effects sip into our consciousness and the results can be traced long term.

The closest I can parallel it to is when watching a beautiful sunset. You observe the colors, how the sky changes as the minutes go by. You may wonder whether it is the Sun creating these effects or it is the sky responding to the Sun’s movement. You lose track of space and time, you are absorbed in what is, with no mental or emotional process per se other than becoming inamorate with a magically beautiful event.

You cannot readily put into words how this event influenced or changed your life but if you bring it to your attention again and again, you can experience in your entire being the beauty, calmness and awe which as we now know changes the cellular memory, and eventually our DNA.

The eclipse we just experienced over the US is something similar. From what I gathered, almost everyone watched it either outside directly with their fancy glasses on, or at home over the broadcasted transmission.

Our awareness during that time was totally absorbed in what was a magical event, one many of us have not, or will ever again, experience during our life time. That realization along with the subtle effect in our consciousness, altered something in our subconscious strata. Even if we don’t know what that is, time and life will reveal more.

Today we have a Full Moon in Pisces and we are still under the influence of the Solar Eclipse, in that also Mars and Mercury are within the eclipse’s degree. Consider of the inner transformation that is possible.
Mother Of The World, 1937-painting by Nicholas Roerich

Mercury influences our thinking process, how we react, how fast and in what way we process information. How we communicate that information, how deeply we think, whether we think before we speak or our tongue has a mind of its own. Even what we choose to hold on in our thinking versus what we are willing to leg go, because it doesn’t serve us anymore, to make room for a fresh perspective.

Mars influences our initiative, our inner force that seeks ways to externalize. The energy that propels us forward or holds us back. The way we take action, the form our action takes, and even the convictions we hold and how they shape our drives and assertiveness.

Over the past 2-3 weeks in US we have had major socio-political events which have challenged people at all levels.  How we think, how we respond and what we do individually for and about these events is part of what we are learning, practicing and becoming more aware of.

All societal change starts at the personal level, from the inner conviction of our values and ethics which we then take outwardly, seeking and connecting with others with similar viewpoints, creating movements that shape our society and eventually the rest of the world.

If we put together the Leo influence from the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on August 21st with the now Full Moon on the Virgo-Pisces axis, we have a triangle of Courage-Compassion-Pragmatism.

On the apex we have (Leo) leadership/courage/self-awareness with (Pisces) compassionate heart/encompassing All that exists/seeking to unite peoples under one sky/blending heart and mind on the right corner, and (Virgo) the Mother of the World/seeking nurturance and healing for all creatures, yet in concrete, practical steps on the left corner.

It is a beautiful force of love and nourishment we are exposed to at the moment, even if outwardly there is chaos, an opportunity to change our thinking, how we look at life and the people around us, and to stay heart-centered expressing who we are, our compassion and vision for how we want this world to be while taking action, no matter how small of a step, to make it so.

Over these days take time to be quiet and reflect, even if for a short while. Our consciousness needs the space to receive and assimilate impressions of higher order, that’s why meditation helps us in this.

Remember that everything starts from you, within you, whatever little spark is birthed in the Cosmos manifests simultaneously within you and in order for it to grow and glow, it needs your acknowledgement, nourishment and support to become the flame that warms us all up during the yukky, cold and challenging times.

Explore visionary astrology and use your self-knowledge and gifts to increase your fulfillment, success, and impact in your greater community and the world.







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  1. Yes, Lillian it was a very sad time for me because my husband,s funeral was during the eclipse. Now I am going through a very difficult time.


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