Building whole-body immunity is a necessity

One of the things that infuriates me, is that so far I have not seen one health care professional on national tv saying what to do other than wearing a mask and washing your hands. Truly, this becomes an undermining of my intellect and being.

If people think that this is all it takes to prevent catching the virus, and even dealing with it once you have it, I am sorry to say that this is ignorant.

First of all, in what you hear there is no transition from “you wear a mask, you wash your hands and waive at everyone from a distance” to “you are in a bad shape, you need hospitalization,” and “oops, by the way, we do not have enough inhalators, incubators, beds,” etc.

Doesn’t anyone see a gap that needs to be filled called “strengthen your whole-body immunity; eat well, sleep well, hydrate, connect, create, dance, sing, exercise, breathe fresh air, drink clean water, eat nutritious food, supplement.” If we only put as much weight on this as we do on the other instructions, we would see greater results both in the short, but most importantly, in the long run.

And what is the long run? Because we need to consider that staying in quarantine for the next 6-months to a year it is not feasible, saying the least.

What are the measures we (as citizens, community, government) are taking that can assure populations stay strong, or at least have a better way to cope with illness whether caught or within environments that already have sick individuals.

I find that there is a broad-view or vision if you will, that is not being acknowledged. There is short term planning, which is of utmost importance and urgency, and yet we also do need to consider the in-between as well as the long run planning.

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On the community level, this is the time for all resources to be pulled together for all people with health and healing knowledge to be assembled, and integrate herbs, homeopathy, naturopathic principles and anything that has been around for long, long time and has survived times like this.

Not to replace the efforts that are currently been taken by conventional medicine but to work in tandem with them. We are all in this together and that includes who we are, what we do, and the modalities we employ.

Educators, writers, poets, artists, musicians, caring for the mental and emotional health of citizens, now is the time to collaborate on projects that will do good and “hold” people’s spirits together.

Food growers, farmers, bakers, cooks, now is the time to come together and produce and offer, heart-warming, body-nurturing, wholesome, healthy, and organic products and creations.

Everyone has something to contribute, and across cultures and centuries people have always come together and employed community resources and wisdom, to get through whatever was at hand.

Once again, this is a time that this aspect is becoming a necessity, it is time for its re-emergence, and hopefully this is a new start to a new paradigm not only of health and healing at all levels, but of connection and collaboration among peoples.

*Blog originally posted on 3/29/2020

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