Catholic Easter Sunday, Passover, Eastern Orthodox Easter Sunday

This morning, sadness fell over me as I saw the photos my friends had sent overnight from Europe, celebrating Easter Sunday. For one, I was so totally out of it, perhaps because we had just celebrated Passover and because of the current pandemic situation I did not have the right inputs or triggers if you will, to realize it is an Easter celebration.

Myself, as many of us I would imagine, have never had the chance to celebrate a big religious festivity, a celebration that was both shared among individuals and we all had to come together to celebrate it in churches and other group congregations, over the internet and in possible isolation.

At this moment, there are millions if not billions of people all over the globe being at home, possibly on their own or in their own little family, celebrating from a distance. This is sad.

And yet, it is a reminder of the things we take for granted; for one, that we can be at any given time in close proximity to another living human being. Two, that we are/will be with our families and friends forever.  

LiveBrightlyThePath©2020 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved
The Hand Of Fatima,Walnut Creek Library-CA©2020 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights Reserved

It is true that for once, social media and the ability to use platforms like skype and zoom have proven to be the most sane and useful gift of the century. Which in a way, for me, partially redeems their effect on increasing social separation, disparities and many mental health challenges we have been facing over the past 10 years.

My hope and wish is that as society and societal values change, starting from how our personal values change, and what we appreciate and regard as priority in our life changes, that those inner prompts for greater meaning, connection, and sharing in physical time, will permeate and effect how we choose to live moving forwards. Our lifestyle choices if you will, will acquire and be paid attention to as factors that have greater impact than what we may have been imagining so far.

One of the greater and most important pieces of a conscious Lifestyle, has to do with humans. Humanity will always come first, even before food and sunshine and water. And yes, you may argue with me on this but what I wish to emphasize is that nothing can substitute human touch, conversation and sharing. Holding someone’s hand cannot be replaced virtually. And the fact that over the past month or two we have been able to connect in a more meaningful way using the mobile screen, is an indication of this deep, unearthed, subconscious and fundamental cellular need of human connection.

It almost feels like that instance when you don’t know how thirsty you are until you start drinking water and then you say, wow I didn’t even know I was so thirsty.

As we move through this holly week and next, till the Eastern Orthodox Easter Sunday, let us become more mindful of what we appreciate and wish to have in our lives; what we are willing to let go of with regards to point of views and things (attitudes) we have taken for granted, so that we can start taking little, concrete steps every day even if in our thinking process initially, that will deliver us to a new reality, a new world with greater hope, respect, awareness, authenticity, love and connection.

And so it is. ❤

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