Our words have the power to inspire or undermine; to create or to destruct; to uplift or to hurt. Words have a vibrational frequency and they affect us at more than one level.

Consider the use of “we are in lockdown” versus “we are in shelter-in-place.” How do you feel in your body when you hear the one over the other?

Also, consider the use of “social distancing” versus “physical distancing.” It seems to me that we already had social distancing before the current crisis, and to a disturbing extent. It was a result of being on social media all the time, for example, versus meeting and talking with people face-to-face, in real time.

Lastly, consider the difference between “balance” and “harmony.” When I look for balance in something, by nature there will soon be an imbalance. If I look at a scale, the scale always leans to one way or another and even when it balances, it will soon veer to one side or the other as affected by external factors.

However, with harmony, it is about a continuous unfoldment in synchronization, in vibrational merging. A choir that sings does not seek balance but harmony. Even if someone’s pitch is off, the interdependence of all parts, all singers, will not only cover that dis-harmony but will also enhance the harmonious integrity of the whole.

Food for thought! ❤

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