New Moon and Solar Eclipse at the heels of Summer Solstice; an uncommon occurrence.

This is not the usual lunation. This is not the time to just say we forge forward because it is a New Moon. We can say this but in order to forge forward something has to give, something has to eclipse its way and possession if you will.

I would propose the following: This New Moon is on the Aries point, the first degree of Cancer, a sign representing the mother Principle. One of the most nurturing signs of the zodiac.

Virgo is another sign representing the Mother principle, but I would argue that in order to get to Virgo’s essence you have to pass through Cancer’s foundation. You have to learn what is self-nurturance, you have to learn and dwell into the lighted house you build, with all that that implies. You have to face the light and the dark within your heart, but the depth of your reflection will depend entirely on your choice.

How much of your shadow are you willing to look at and embrace?

How much light and love and effortlessness are you willing to let into your life?

How much of the control you seek to have in daily reality are you willing to sacrifice so that you can open up to what is your divine guidance?

LiveBrightlyThePath©2020 Liliane Mavridara. All Rights ReservedA New Moon in the first degree of Cancer is an invitation to examine and embark on a conscious journey of self-discovery of what your needs, wants and desires are. Not because they will make a good list to hold on to, but because through this awareness you will become conscious of what drives you. What prompts you to say yes, and what no.

The first step towards conscious manifestation is to become aware of what lightens you up and what you are not willing to tolerate any more. Sometimes we have to arrive to what we wish to create by acknowledging what we do not want anymore in our lives. This is a good start, and an important one.

I would also offer that when we become fully aware of the nature of our Being, only then we are able to appreciate and accept another, whether it is within a personal relationship or in a group setting. And when we know our nature, we are able to tune in and appreciate the greater Nature. The space all around us that feeds and supports us at all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Our needs are not defined by our possessions and I hope most of us, in these times of a different reality, have become more aware of that.

This new beginning is an invitation to consciously step on a path of self-love, compassion and acceptance, while becoming aware of the interrelationship and interdependence of all living beings on this one planet we all share.

You may consider asking yourself: What do I need to feel whole? What would that wholeness look and feel like when I am it?

What do I need to become more peaceful within, and create harmony in my environment?

Whom do I want to be with in that environment?

What do I need (around me) to feel that I live within a safe space of tenderness, warmth and inspiration?

What am I willing to do to get there?  What am I willing to let go of?

Lastly, what will I put my foot down for and proclaim that is enough? What will I stop tolerating and settling for?

Use this month to inquire within and live daily life in a more purposeful way, whatever this means for you. We are all sharing the same big blue sky, desiring to love and be loved. Yet, some of us may have to take a different shortcut to get there. ❤

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