PeaceLab on Humanity Rising, March 1-5, 2021

Please join us 11:00 AM-12:30 PM EST. Free event— Register for Zoom link at:  OR watch LATER at: or

The Peace LAB was born out of hundreds of hours of intense dialogue following the past 190+ days of Humanity Rising. The challenges facing humanity are clear. The solutions are many. The question that inspires us is: “how are we rising”?

For us, it is through Peace. Thousands of articles, hundreds of organizations, and millions of people are dedicated to bringing peace into our lives and the places in which we live. If we, as humanity, know so much about Peace, then why does systemic racism, brutal economic disparity, epidemic houselessness, escalating climate crises, (do we need to go on) continue to define our reality?  Each of these, and multiple others, open up the jagged chasms that divide us.

Are we, as humanity, misguided in our notion of Peace? Is what we’re experiencing a direct result of the manner in which we define and embody Peace? In desiring a different reality, do we need a different approach? What would that look like?

The Peace LAB is an experiment created to pursue these questions. We do not believe that doing more of one thing and less of another is the answer. We sense a new formula is emerging. We are finding it in the intersections of communities, disciplines, systems and worldviews.

The emerging Peace narrative for 2021 is found in the alchemy of thought-provoking questions and intentional dialogue with key practitioners, artists, and activists playing in these intersections:

March 1: The Intersection of Race, Culture and Activism;

March 2: The Intersection of Trauma, Compassion and Value Economics;

March 3: The Intersection of Beliefs, the Arts and Transformation;

March 4: The Intersection of Spirituality, Reality and Intention;

March 5: The Intersection of Action, Agency and Impact.

Peace Week accompaniment includes several interactive platforms including our moderated After HR Chat; 7Vortex (an ecosystem platform), Sqale (a give-it-forward economic platform), the 21 Step Peace Challenge and the Peace Survey.

The Peace LAB is an ongoing experiment. We look forward to more conversations on a variety of platforms as we explore the many intersections of peace.

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