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A couple of words about my worldview; I come from a family of entrepreneurs and high achievers,  born and raised in Athens, Greece, where I learned the art of enjoying life, the importance of social support, and the results of social conditioning and expectations.

I also got deeply influenced since childhood by the rich culture coming forth through philosophy and astrology, natural medicine and homeopathy, parapsychology and mysticism.

Through my own journey, including living and working across the US for 25+ years, I have come to embrace that everything revolves around the theorem, “Know Thyself so that You May Know Thy Universe.”

I believe that you can embody your purpose in this lifetime only when you know who you are, what makes you respond and react, what makes you love, laugh, cry, create, what stirs your soul and makes you alive, what inspires you to become more.

Furthermore, I believe that who you are comes through in everything you think, say and do, no matter what industry you are in, what kind of work you do, what is your cultural background or social status you adhere to.

Thus, the importance of knowing oneself -and coming back to that inner core even when our outer expression and service to the world changes, whether due to inner impetus for change or life’s transitions- sets the foundation for conscious living. That is, creating a new world reality where we consciously embed our inner peace, wisdom, truth, goodness, harmony and beauty into its fabric, while embodying the inter-relationship we share with Nature and all living beings.

It is from this understanding and mindset that I aspire to live my life and express creatively in the world, seeking to lead by example.

I look forward to supporting you in some way on your own, beautiful journey so please stay in touch.

To send me a note please do so at hello at lilianemavridara dot com.