Stress changes you-not only in the long-run and epigenetically; it changes you immediately in how you think and behave. It clouds your alignment, your clarity and strengths. It clouds your intuition; how you perceive the world, what you notice and allow in, what you deflect. It changes your everyday living. It changes who you are.

Virgo Solar Festival, Full Moon and the triangle of Courage, Compassion, Pragmatism

August was a memorable month on many fronts with the total solar eclipse visible only over the US being part of it, and at the time I commented on certain key points to bear in mind as we moved through the month. The effect of the solar eclipse may not be something tangible we can... Continue Reading →

August 2017: Inspiring new beginnings and the choice to lead or to be led

Happy August! There is a lot of conversation this month about the Solar Eclipse on August 21st which will be visible and traceable only over the United States. It's early in time to say how things will unfold however I would like to share a few initial thoughts: The opportune time period started on July... Continue Reading →

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