Live Brightly, A Spiritual Guide For Women

Liliane Mavridara’s book “Live Brightly” is a great example of “how you do one thing is how you do everything.” With this book you’ll be able to bring greater clarity to the “small things” to embrace life fully. I especially like Liliane’s approach of making everything so crystal clear in such an easy-to-read manner, with the combination of thoughts and “to do’s” to apply the thoughts into everyday life with elegance and simplicity. I love this book!

~ Donna Kozik,

Liliane’s book is a great reminder of how we have a choice to rise above any circumstances through self-discovery, integrity and commitment to what we are here to do. Putting Liliane’s teachings into action is a must if you want to “Live Brightly”.

~ Jesse Koren, Award-Winning Million Dollar Coach, President of, CA

Liliane has beautifully synthesized her vast studies, experiences and insights into a straight forward tool to support the changes needed to Live Brightly.

~ Jeanine Larson, Founder & Director of Still Point Centre, OH

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Live Brightly

A Spiritual Guide For Women: How to Move From Dissatisfaction And Loneliness To Integrity, Joy And Right Relations

“Consider how you relate to yourself and how you treat yourself… this is the basis for how you relate to work and creativity, money and wealth, friends and intimate others, the environment and the world.”

Live Brightly relates to all of us at different times and at different levels. Let this engaging guide speak to you when you need it most.  Throughout Live Brightly you will learn to recognize different aspects of your life as this creative and interactive guide empowers you to:

  • Live your life with integrity
  • Connect inner and outer expressions of yourself to live healthy, radiantly and joyfully
  • Co-create your ideal life at all levels
  • Comprehend how your every thought, action and word influences all relations
  • Transform loneliness and dissatisfaction to wisdom, inspiration and true female magnificence

What Readers say about Live Brightly, A Spiritual Guide For Women

I have to give a HUGE acknowledgement and shout out to Liliane Mavridara for her amazing book “Live Brightly”! Even though I am a Brand Strategist, the foundation of the work I do with my clients always starts with your Inner Game. No matter what vision you have for your business or your life, until you master how to use your mindset to produce the results of that vision, you may spend years spinning your wheels and continuing to create the same outcome.

I read Liliane’s book on my flight home from Seattle. I was so excited to read the profound lessons and wisdom she has outlined so thoughtfully and in such an easy way to digest it and put them into use. This is truly a book that EVERY entrepreneur and success seeker needs to read. This book will help people go from mediocre life to unstoppable success. Check it out now…you’re worth it!

~ Michelle Van Otten, Business Strategist,

One of the things I love most about the book “Live Brightly” is that it is almost like having a beautiful spiritual guide sitting right next to me reminding me that all will be fine, to trust and believe that I am able to make my dreams come true.  As it happens, every time I pick up the book I seem to find the exact right page at that very moment. I awaken to the realization that this message is one that I need to read, connect with and take in, and I feel that I am heard, understood and appreciated at that very moment.

Liliane give us so much of herself in this book: her undying belief in each of us and reminds us that the universe and spirit are here to support our lives and wellbeing, all we need is the reminder of these facts.  She brings joy, gratitude, appreciation, and support to each of us who reads, consults and carries her book with her everywhere she goes.

I highly recommend this book to all of my clients as a means to stay connected with themselves and their desire for an empowered, purpose filled and prosperous life. I think that the time is now for all of us women to bring this wonderful rich guide with us on our journey through life!

~ Polly Dithmer, reimagine coaching, Empowerment Coaching for Women Living with Health Challenges

Live Brightly” brings the ageless wisdom into a practical application for those seeking the spiritual path.  Internal self examination is spelled out, step by step.  Walk the path to your inner self.  Page 42, “You attract what you radiate.”Radiate brightly – Well done!

~Kate Rafferty, Transformational Kinesiology Instructor, MA

“Every woman can open this book and find kernels of wisdom in its pages.”

~ Abbey, NY

“I loved it! This is a wonderful book for everybody!

For those starting their journey to happiness and fulfillment it helps them step by step to achieve their transformation; for those that are already on this path, it is a wonderful reminder andcheck list to help them move further forward.”

~ Maria, IN

Reviews On

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent guide, May 6, 2011

By MyrtoSee all my reviews

This review is from: Live Brightly – A Spiritual Guide For Women: How To Move From Dissatisfaction And Loneliness To Integrity, Joy And Right Relations (Paperback)

There are times that you need to change the way you see things, organize your thoughts and get the courage you need to go through life in a possitive way. This guide will help you do exactly this in a very sensible and organized way leading the path and overcoming obstacles that will come in your way to help you rich the point quicker and easier as the way is very well planned for you.

5.0 out of 5 stars Live Brightly – an amazing journey…, June 3, 2011

By mariavSee all my reviews

This review is from: Live Brightly – A Spiritual Guide For Women: How To Move From Dissatisfaction And Loneliness To Integrity, Joy And Right Relations (Paperback)

An amazing book which is great for journaling, meditating, or pondering life. It is full of quiet wisdom. Presented in three sections, awakening / healing / service, it helps to guide you through a beautiful journey of self-discovery, healing your wounds, and expanding your spirit into bringing your gifts to the world.


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