The Way We Love Now, A Poetic Trilogy Capturing The Heart’s Journey To Find True Love

The Way We Love Now By Liliane Mavridara

I believe that life’s essence is all about love, starting from self-love.

And that if we are to transform the way we experience intimate relationships, we must be willing to visit the depths of our psyche to learn who we are and what we truly long for.

The Way We Love Now is an exploration of this journey, through poetry, and what it takes to find the kind of love we want to live. 

 Liliane Mavridara

This book of poetry explores the universal theme of a human searching for love. Who among us hasn’t yearned and longed and lusted for that feeling of deep connection and of joining with another?

Liliane’s poetry reminds us that this search can be as specific as looking for another human being to share our life with or as deep as the universal, human longing to connect to the divinity that lies within each of us….a transcendent joining of heaven and earth.

From the Foreword by Karen Johannsen, MA.

Book Review

The Way We Love Now-A Poetic Trilogy Capturing The Heart’s Journey To Find True Love by Liliane Mavridara

Reviewed by Georgina Galanis 

Since the heart’s journey is never measured in linear time – I am reminded as I read Liliane Mavridara’s “Poetry Trilogy, The way we love now”- that the experience of living and loving bares and breathes itself into a historical continuum, ever expanding in the pendulum of time. The author captures this mysterious question and act of loving as it unfolds page by page, in a line by line moment, year by year, as we grow or shrivel to meet its magnanimous unrequitable reach. This stirring of one woman’s own inner world, pays homage to emotive and unspoken thoughts imprinted on her heart. Yet beyond this, it evolves into a spiritual question that elevates, clarifies and reflects our deepest behaviours towards manifesting the one true love.

I cannot help remember the book, ‘Love Story’ that I read as a young woman. In fact reading Liliane’s poetry made me go in search of a copy at the Strand on a rainy New York Sunday. I checked all the shelves, up and back, and since it was not to be found, I resorted to Netflix for the film version. Watching it again after all these years, I fully imagined parts of this book “The way we love now”- it’s scaling prose + vulnerable landscape, as the last penned keepsake of Love Story’s protagonistria, Jenny Calliveri to her lover, Oliver Barrett IV.

I see Liliane’s handwritten draft of this future book as notes slipped between the pages of a dusty worn pulp fiction novel that Oliver found at the back of his sock drawer, or may even have hastily slipped into his zipped pocket, only to find it years after Jenny’s death. It would have been a way of Jenny to ask of him into the future when she was no longer present……”What is the way you love now?” 

Liliane’s poetic disclosures sail on an endless journey of the psyche that have transcended time + arrived in the modern port of now, because true love never dies .. Nor does it fade away. Of course the “now” is ever fleeting – we cannot hold onto it ..but love lingers in the breath between the ages and revives itself continually each time we are touched by a story, a gesture, a faded photo in the recesses of an awakened memory. In the healing of hope and heartache we all share in the wondrous, journey of love, that turns us inside out and back again. 

Somehow, I felt that if I saw the film Love Story today, I could freshly recall and relive my own first true love, when I was just 15 years old. Seeing my first love in hindsight, could give me a better perspective on “how I was loving now.” Was I doing it better? Or has time and experience muted the possibilities? Ms. Liliane, you have raised quite a question here in your title. 

Looking back on the love our 15,25,35 year old selves have experienced, is not to be taken lightly. In fact it is a rare glimpse of pure passion. Unjaded, by adult games and untainted by heartbroken diversions and disappointments or scorn. It is a direct pipeline to deep pure heart. Remembering my own suspended first love – not frozen in time but in appreciation of years gone by. Not limiting its scope or lingering in a youthful after glow, but adding my own realized experience of love to its original unrehearsed greatness, in appreciation of the years gone by. To peer thru the eyes of the way we loved then – to arrive in the way we love now.

As I read the author’s poetry it spoke to me between worlds + slippery emotions … I find myself needing an impeding answer. Is there one within each of us? 
If the historical passionate bookmarks in my love log were reevaluated in this the year of 2014, I would unabashedly ask Jenny and Oliver, Romeo or Juliet, Tristan or Isolde, Jackie or John, Mandela and Winnie, or Gandhi and Kasturba to disclose their answers. How would our true love heroes live their love now? On a lark, I instead uncover the passionate words of unwed abettess, Hildegard de Bingen who expressed herself in the Caritas Abundant – 

“Love abounds in all things
Excels from the depths to beyond the stars
Is lovingly disposed to all things
…She has given the King on high the loss of peace “

The title of this book is most likely intended as a statement – however it indeed poses an imperative question to ask ourselves. “How do I love today, ” individually, intimately and sacredly as a globally engaged human. 

In the 2014 film ” Snow piercer” Tilda Swinton recently portrayed a woman in man skin – a gender less ringmaster + automatum serving a twisted humanity. This film recently imprinted me with a shocked sense of primal doom – survival + the value of humanity on the brink of extinction. How is the complex mystery and imbalance of love weighed, and what price might one pay to survive it’s taste. 

How will humanity love into the future … can we choose now…before fatal mistakes are made? 

Drones at a distance
Crashing into one another
just to feel…
Between the pages,
An automated font
Cyborg love – Hardcore texting
Ink less – sometimes heartless
Online …virtual
With clenched fist -can’t type.
Nor spell love
Nor feel live love now
Devastation …or elation? 

As we cross the blurred lines of gender + authority into shared new relationship territory we are called to a higher consciousness, where the unity of our knowledge and consilience brings us to this present moment ~ “this moment we love now” – this age of Aquarius in the century of light, to ask ourselves as the author asks herself … will “the way we love now” expand us all to effect how the world loves?

In a global sense, deepening our own original autonomous essence within can honor and rise up with triumphant love becoming a restorative justice link between earth + human to human –to arrive to equanimity–a non grasping love, cradled in a non violent inner outer healing space – to multiply virally and prosper beyond past warring, into this century of light-to redefine love of ourselves + each other into a unified humanity + culture of peace. 

I thank you Ms. Liliane… for this book of poetic reflection released my own prayer to love. 

Suspended. I hold you in my heart. Awash amongst the peaceful tides. 
The fortitude of Love to you now. 
In all time – no time. Nothing else. In no time. Without tick nor tock. The tide flows in and goes out. Precious and radiant this moment – You and I are one surrendering. 
Endless. Endless. Endless wave. And so it is. when love conquers all.
The king, the queen – the pawn – are we – a poetic trilogy… and so it is…
Checkmate…..True love trumps now.

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