“HER AIM IS TRUE” a film by Karen Whitehead

"HER AIM IS TRUE" Unlikely rock photographer Jini Dellaccio, a film by Karen Whitehead. This is an incredible kickstarter project to support and share Jini Dellaccio's legacy, an unlikely rock photographer, original glass ceiling shatterer, and pioneer  who is a true inspiration to any woman who dares to try something different. Take a moment to... Continue Reading →

New Moon in Aries: Glorious New Beginnings

This is the first New Moon in the astrological year and contains a special blessing from Venus and Mars, as they all unite (conjuct) in Aries.  This special touch,  initiates energetically a new cycle of relating with oneself, with another and the world at large. Venus represents beauty, romance, our values, ideals, self-worth and self-respect. ... Continue Reading →

Expanding Under Pressure; Saturn vs Jupiter

The signature of the day came from David Bowie and Queen/Fred Mercury's song, "Under Pressure".  One of my all time favorites, heard it as the background in a preview trailer and realized it was embodying the energies of the day astrologically. The constraints of Saturn as he pushes you against a wall, under pressure, confronting... Continue Reading →

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