All things Sagg, Full Moon and the brilliant journey we are on

We are in the eve of the Gemini Full Moon, and what keeps getting my attention is the story unfolding through the interaction of the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune. The story starts on Nov 17th with the Sun and Mercury coming together in the last degrees of Libra. Then Mercury moves into Sagittarius Nov... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on Martian energy and the past two years’ empowering journey

Mars is moving into the sign of Cancer today. The last time it crossed over the Cancer zero-point (for simplicity let's regard this point as a powerful instigator of energy shifts) was on July 13th 2013, the Summer of the Grand Water Trines on which I wrote extensively back then.*** We have been through a... Continue Reading →

Full Moon in Leo: Thinking with the Heart-Feeling with the Mind

Happy Full Moon! We are in the midst of the Full Moon energy influenced by the axis of Leo and Aquarius. The Moon in Leo captures the sensitivity or "hurt feelings" when not recognized or appreciated, whereas the Sun in Aquarius captures the brightness and individual light within the great group. The opposition of the... Continue Reading →

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