PeaceLab on Humanity Rising, March 1-5, 2021

Please join us 11:00 AM-12:30 PM EST. Free event-- Register for Zoom link at:  OR watch LATER at: or The Peace LAB was born out of hundreds of hours of intense dialogue following the past 190+ days of Humanity Rising. The challenges facing humanity are clear. The solutions are many. The... Continue Reading →

From Apartheid to Ecovillages, Kosha Joubert-TEDxFindhorn

An inspiring talk, asking inspiring questions: What are the roads less traveled in your life? What are the roads less traveled to you that are calling you to change your habits, closing the gap by traveling somewhere unfamiliar, within and without. Maybe there is people you need to have a conversation with, something you need... Continue Reading →

On June 17th, the ACLM Mental and Behavioral Health MIG, is launching monthly Community Conversations, covering a different topic that is impacted by the broad scope of mental and behavioral health, and applicable to lifestyle medicine approaches. These sessions are open to both ACLM and non-ACLM members. I hope you will join us. Bias, Racism,... Continue Reading →

Eco-Anxiety; starting the conversation on a new peril and opportunity for global change

Eco-anxiety as an emerging field within the environmental health and climate psychology circles has been making slowly but steadily its face known. I would like to share these two articles as a way to start the education and reflection on a topic that brings dis-harmony in the whole Mind-Body connection, with both individual and societal... Continue Reading →

Catholic Easter Sunday, Passover, Eastern Orthodox Easter Sunday

This morning, sadness fell over me as I saw the photos my friends had sent overnight from Europe, celebrating Easter Sunday. For one, I was so totally out of it, perhaps because we had just celebrated Passover and because of the current pandemic situation I did not have the right inputs or triggers if you... Continue Reading →

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