Shop toxic-free toys this Holiday season

As we get into the frenzy of the holiday shopping, it is wise remembering that many products which are mass-produced contain cheap and toxic materials.  This is widely seen in kids' toys who unfortunately experience the effects of lead, PVC and other toxic substances.  The Ecology Center, a Michigan-based nonprofit organization,  just released the 3rd... Continue Reading →

Danger of miscarriage from H1N1 vaccine

In my continuous research on the dangers of the H1N1 vaccine on pregnancy and babies, I came across the first testimonials of actual miscarriages from pregnant women after they took the vaccine. Are they true?  I believe so.  The H1N1 vaccine along with the seasonal influenza vaccines are classified by the FDA as Category C. ... Continue Reading →

Gary Null on flu and H1N1 vaccination

Gary Null  Speaking Out at the NYS Assembly Hearing (10-13-2009).  Pretty incredible the comments he makes along with the scientific evidence he brings in.  Some of the key points he addresses include: There has never been a study on people with multiple vaccinations about the long-term effects on their health On the Gulf War syndrome... Continue Reading →

H1N1 misdiagnosis and further considerations for long term health

The updates on the H1N1 flu virus vaccine have become part of daily life, especially as more information on the safety of these vaccines reaches the public. Following the recent post from CBS News on CDC's exaggeration and misdiagnosis of swine flu cases,  questions were raised as to the necessity of the vaccine, its efficacy... Continue Reading →

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