Eco-Anxiety; starting the conversation on a new peril and opportunity for global change

Eco-anxiety as an emerging field within the environmental health and climate psychology circles has been making slowly but steadily its face known. I would like to share these two articles as a way to start the education and reflection on a topic that brings dis-harmony in the whole Mind-Body connection, with both individual and societal... Continue Reading →

Catholic Easter Sunday, Passover, Eastern Orthodox Easter Sunday

This morning, sadness fell over me as I saw the photos my friends had sent overnight from Europe, celebrating Easter Sunday. For one, I was so totally out of it, perhaps because we had just celebrated Passover and because of the current pandemic situation I did not have the right inputs or triggers if you... Continue Reading →

Stress changes you-not only in the long-run and epigenetically; it changes you immediately in how you think and behave. It clouds your alignment, your clarity and strengths. It clouds your intuition; how you perceive the world, what you notice and allow in, what you deflect. It changes your everyday living. It changes who you are.

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