Reckless, a new TV Drama created, directed and produced by Women

RECKLESS,  a new drama series created by Dana Stevens (Safe Haven, City of Angels), directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Twillight) and produced by Kim Moses (Ghost Whisperer), premieres this coming Sunday, June 29 on CBS at 9/8c. As Kim Moses says, "RECKLESS is a great model of how talented women can be fairly and justly represented... Continue Reading →

WednesdayReflection; honoring your rhythms

This week, between Christmas and New Years', feels different from previous times.  This isn't of surprise as I personally have had a full and quite adventurous year.  Yet, the experiential feeling while lying on a hammock in a beautiful garden under the winter sun in mid morning, gently moved by the breeze of north winds,... Continue Reading →

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