MondayLove: How love strikes

It is always astonishing how love can strike. No context is love proof, no convention or    commitment impervious. Even a lifestyle which is perfectly insulated, where the personality is controlled, all the days ordered and all actions in sequence, can to its own dismay find that an unexpected spark has landed; it begins to smoulder... Continue Reading →

FridayInspiration: Lao-Tzu & the Puget Sound

Happy Friday.  Today's inspiration is from Lao-Tzu and the view of Puget Sound from Coupeville, a darling place on Whidbey Island, WA Some say that my teaching is nonsense. Others call it lofty but impractical. But to those who have looked inside themselves, this nonsense makes perfect sense. And to those who put it into... Continue Reading →

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